I Need Your Help ...


I am going to try a little experiment. 

I am in the process of looking at the most economical way (read: where do I have friends, or friends of friends who I can stay with) that I can trek across a decent number of cities and streets when I am in Europe in October, because I really want to bring some new and exciting content to All Streets for the next few months. What I am curious about is to see if any of you might find it in your hearts to even donate as little as 50 cents toward this project - because let’s be real, if you each donated 50 cents there would be enough money for me to cover more than a few measly cities. Actually, it won’t be measly, it will be great. I promise.

Now, here is what you can do if you’re interested in helping out. I’ve set up a donation page through PayPal - I know this is quite a common and safe way to support people and projects. There also is the option of buying some prints, if you’re more interested in getting a physical return on your money. And even if you cannot donate (I know many of you are like me, and are not made of money) spread the word! Let’s get this ball rolling!

If this gets a decent response over the next two weeks, we are on like a prawn who yawns at dawn! And you can expect to see some greater variety of international streets on the blog. I would love to be able to get to more than just the few cities that I am toying with in my brain right now. It would also be cool to meet some of you in person in my travels (I will need some insider advice about where your cities have the coolest streets and neighbourhoods), so I will keep you posted with how things are going!

Cool beans. Thanks again everyone for being awesome and everything.


Afternoon In Puerto Vallarta

I finally found one that isn't lame

Saul Leiter: Carol Brown in “Harper’s Bazaar”, c.1958

Saul Leiter: Carol Brown in “Harper’s Bazaar”, c.1958

David Stephenson - Domes (1993-2005)

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Juliette Binoche
© Laurence Sudre

Juliette Binoche

© Laurence Sudre

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